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sexual health
STIs - Other

Sexual Health Section

This section provides you with an overview of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). It should not replace the important relationship that you have with your health care worker, but we hope it will help you and the professionals involved in your care to communicate more effectively with each other.  
If you have an STI, think you may be at risk or know someone with an STI, then this section may help answer some of your questions. You do not need a prior knowledge of sexual health matters to understand this section.
A Rough Guide to STIs
This book provides information about STIs, how you can contract it and ways of reducing the risk of becoming infected. There are also chapters covering the various tests (diagnostics and monitoring) and what treatment and vaccines are available.  
While learning about STIs, this book will help you to gain an understanding of the medical procedures that may be involved and therefore what to expect. We hope this will remove some of the anxiety that many people have.
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