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Alternative & Complementary Therapies

Complementary or alternative therapies have a long history of improving individual’s well being, relieving specific symptoms, reducing stress and restoring or maintaining health.  For most people, complementary therapies are considered to be, as their name would suggest, a therapy that complements conventional medication.

It is important, regardless of which therapy you are considering, to ascertain whether it would have a negative impact or ‘contraindication’ to any other medication or treatment you are using.  It is a good idea to discuss any plans to use a complementary therapy with your doctor, similarly the therapist will need to know what other medication or treatment you are taking.  Some hospitals and many of the HIV support agencies are able to offer complementary therapies, either free or at a significantly subsidised rate. 

If you are seeking a therapist yourself, you are advised to ensure they are fully qualified and affiliated to a professional or licensed body.  Qualified therapists should have professional indemnity insurance: you can ask to see proof of this.

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